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Sri GP Avens Life Sciences serves a wide range of solutions from bio services to Agro, enzymes, Poultry, dairy, aqua farms and Pharma companies. The organization’s major focus area is on development of various agri inputs such as Plant Growth Promoters, Organic Fertilizer, Bio-Fertilizer, Organic Manures, Bio-pesticides, Bio-fungicides, animal feed supplements (Poultry, cattle and aqua feed) industrial enzymes like food & pharma,etc., live stock feeds and other nutrient feed supplements.

We trust that a scientific pursuit can disclose great new acpects of the globe. Science can aid us cure disorbers, improve life style and ease suffering. The prospective of science is only limited by the extent of human aspiration. Our main objective is to relentlessly explore science in order to shape a healthier tomorrow. Let us make a healthier future possible.

We are Unique! So as You!

Building strong relationships, supplying quality products and surpassing client expectations will be the key drivers of our company. Our strong technical background and cumulative experience of handling complex situations facing farming community will lead to making our company the quality producer of such products in India.

Sri GP Avens Life Science Private Limited

Atal Incubation Centre, 3rd Floor, Medical Biotechnology Complex, CCMB Annex 2, Habsiguda, Hyderabad, 500039

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